Index Name Music style Inspired by
0 comfortably number Blues Rock Pink Floyd, David Gilmour - comfortably numb
1 Metal solo + delay Metal Solo -
2 Metallica – One Clean Metallica, One
3 Gary Moore "Still got the Blues" Blues High Sustain -
4 rory gallagher Rock -
5 Robben Ford Drive Blues -
6 My Acoustic Tone Acoustic Judas Priest, Dreamer Deceiver/Sad Wings Of Destiny
7 best green day tone Punk Rock Green day, all tracks
8 acthung tone crunch U2, acthung baby
9 Nothing else Matters heavy Metallica, 08-black
10 bridges burning - foo fighters Rock Foo fighters, wasting light
11 Dos tierras - Heroes del silencio Rock en espaol Heroes del silencio, Entre dos tierras
12 late 80's Guitar Hero Solo Guitar Hero -
13 Nashville Country -
14 Blues/Rock Creamy overdriven JHendrix, Machine Gun
15 Calling Dr Love Rock -
16 AC/DC basic tone Rock -
17 Classic Crunchy Overdrive Rock 70s Hard Rock -
18 Stairway intro Harmonic Led zep, stairway
19 Another brick in the wall solo Rock Pink Floyd, Another brick in the wall
20 80's thrash metal Thrash metal Metallica, Kill em All
21 Nu Metal Nu Metal Linkin Park, Faint
22 Red Hot Chili Peppers TrueTone Rock Red Hot Chili Peppers, Californication/By The Way/Stadium Arcadium
23 Slash tone - Amazing sweet sound for Les Paul sweet distortion Slash, Appetite For Destruction Use Your Illusion Live Era
24 Gary Moore Inspired Heavy Blues Gary Moore, Still got the Blues
25 Cemetery Gates Intro Metal -
26 Acoustic Song Acoustic -
27 Amazing Red Hot Chili Peppers Tone Rock Red Hot Chili Peppers, Californication
28 Drop D Metal Tone Metal -
29 Mark Knopfler sound Pop/Rock -
30 Black Sabbath 1978 Live DVD Never Say Die Rock Metal Black Sabbath, 1978LiveNeverSayDie
31 David Gilmour Rock -
32 Master of Puppets (distorted) Thrash Metal Metallica, Master of Puppets
33 Mark Knopfler's Vintage Sound Vintage -
34 US 2x12 Blues Blues -
35 smooth lead for my G&L Rock -
36 80's Clean any -
37 Metal/death metal/melodicmetal Metal/death metal/ -
38 emg crunch overgriven crunch -
39 AC/DC Real Tone Hard Rock AC/DC, Live
40 Radiohead-Just Clean Tone Alternative Jazzy Radiohead, Just/The Bends
41 Acoustic Clone Acoustic -
42 BassGuitar on you Electric Bass Guitar -
43 Knocking On Heaven's Door Solo 1 Hard Rock Slash, Knocking On Heaven39s Door
44 I love rock n roll by joan jett Rock joan jett, I love rock n roll
45 surfs up surf/garage -
46 80's rock lead tone 80s rock -
47 Journey – faithfully journeys tone Journey, faithfully
48 Guns n Roses Hard Rock -
49 WhiteMetal Metal Prototype, The Way It Ends
50 Lonely Raw Jack White sty Raconteurs, Consolers of the Lonely
51 Stone sour Metal/Rock Stone Sour, Get inside
52 How Many More Times (post-wah intro) Classic Rock Led Zeppelin, How Many More Times / Led Zeppelin I
53 AC30 Dirty Rhythm Blues Rock Country -
54 Phasey any The Clash, Jimmy Jazz/London Calling
55 John Petrucci - Damage Control Heavy Metal John Petrucci, Damage Control
56 Comfortably Numb Lead David Gilmour, Comfortably Numb / The Wall
57 Remembering Stevie Texas Blues Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pride and Joy
58 She Said She Said Classic Rock The Beatles, She Said She Said / Revolver
59 Slash -Welcome to the Jungle Hard Rock -
60 JazzyGuitar Jazz -
61 Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond solo Gilmour Style -
62 Slash - Appetite For Destruction tone Rock Slash, Appetite For Destruction
63 Acoustic Guitar Acoustic -
64 Acoustic miked up Stage miked Acoust -
65 US High Gain Dual Rectifier Rock -
66 Fuzz It Up Psychedelic -
67 Slow Blues Heaven Slow Blues -
68 ACDC – Highway to hell Hard Rock AC/DC, Highway To hell
69 THE Cranked Plexi Tone Rock And Roll -
70 Eddie Cochran Style rockabilly rockabilly Eddie Cochran, cmon everybody
71 No More Zakk! Heavy Metal Ozzy Osbourne, No More Tears
72 Rock you like a hurricane Sound Hard Rock Scorpions, Love at First Sting
73 Pink Floyd – Time David Gilmour Styl -
74 Hiss-Sound VOX - cruel-sound -
75 House of the Rising Sun Rock and Roll -
76 Blues Lead Blues -
77 Hard Rock of the 70's-80's Hard Rock -
78 Perfect Hard Rock Tone Rock AC/DC, Highway to Hell
79 SRV – Lenny Blues Stevie Ray Vaughan, Lenny
80 jimmy page how many more times 50W Plexi Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page - How many more times
81 Led Zeppelin - rock n roll page tone Led Zeppelin, rock and roll
82 UK Rock Brian May Rock -
83 Foo Fighters Crunch Rock/Crunch Foo Fighters, Wasting Light
84 very crunchy blues Blues -
85 Mark Knopfler / Dire Straits Tone Strat-Style Mark Knopfler, Sultans of Swing
86 Won't Get Fooled Again Rock The Who, Won39t Get Fooled Again
87 Slow Rotating Speaker Classic Rock Cream, Badge/Goodbye
88 The Jam crunch Mod Rock -
89 Yngwie Malmsteen like Hard Rock -
90 Roses Waterfall Indie Jangle Stone Roses, Waterfall
91 Auto wah Psychedelic Rock -
92 slash - Bad rain Hard Rock Slash, Bad rain - apocaliptic love
93 Rock Basix 101 RocK AC/DC Sabbath, all n any
94 Metallica Solo's Metal Metallica, Death Magnetic
95 godfather slash Metal Solo Slash, live
96 Boston - Don't Look Back Classic Rock Boston, Dont Look Back
97 perfect alien tone space -
98 ACDC Highway tone Hard Rock AC/DC, Highway To Hell album
99 gary moore sustain Blues gary moore, parisienne walkways
100 Crispy Rock Distortion Rock Alt Indy -
101 High Gain Metal Metal -
102 Opeth like Progressive Metal Opeth, Ghost Reveries
103 Rock Lead 2 Rock Lead 2 -
104 MUSE Crunch Prog Rock MUSE, Most of their Songs
105 Green Day BEST! Punk Green Day, UNO DOS TRE
106 Daybreaker Metalcore Architects, Daybreaker
107 Hollow Crown Metalcore Architects, Hollow Crown
108 Super Crunch Any -
109 papa roach no more secrets RockNew metal Papa roach, No more secrets
110 Kill 'Em All Trash Metal Metallica, Whiplash Jump in the Fire Motorbreath Hit the Lights The Four Horsemen
111 sweet solo tone high gain -
112 Metallica - Unforgiven(clean) Clean Metallica, Unforgiven
113 Nightrain Rock slash, Nightrain
114 Metalic Bronze Metal -
115 Stevie Ray - Vaughan Texas Blues Texas Blues Stevie Ray Vaughan, Cold Shot/Pride and Joy
116 Still waiting Sum 41 Rock Sum 41, Still waiting
117 Fade to black Rock Metallica, Fade to black
118 Green Day (Newer) Punchy and Crunchy Billie Joe Armstrong, Nimrod to Now
119 ZZ TOP'S A RIPPIN' TEXAS BLUES/ROCK Billy Gibbons, La grande/Tres hombres
120 What I Found Out Classic Rock The Beatles, Day Tripper
121 Slash Tone / Slash's Snakepit Hard Rock -
122 Papa roach kind of distortion Alternative Papa roach, Last resort Between angels and insects She loves me not
123 Burning Times Metal Iced Earth, Burning Times
124 Stinky Blues Modern Blues -
125 US. Metal #1 Progressive metal N/A, N/A
126 AC DC back to black Rock AC/DC, Back to black
127 Bluesy Crunchy Blues -
128 Blues crunch Blues -
129 Faces - I'm Losing You Rock - add some fu -
130 Faces - Stay with Me Rock - Open E tuni -
131 Cool Metal Tone for you, my brother Metal Metallica, Death magnetic
132 metal roar Heavy Metal chriss olivia, devastation
133 blues acoustic Acoustic/Blues -
134 Brian May Creamy Distortion Brian May Brian May, I want it all
135 Jimi Hendrix early years Vintage Hendrix -
136 Metallica tone v1 Thrash Metal Metallica, MoP
137 Diamond Sound 70' 80' rock Rock / Heavy Metal Diamond Head, Am I Evil
138 Jazz Jazz -
139 Rock Rhythm 1 Rock -
140 VVRock Lead 1 Rock Lead -
141 Clean 1 Clean -
142 Slash AFD100 need cry baby Hard Rock Slash, Appetite for Destruction
143 Dookie by Green Day Punk but not metal Green Day, Dookie
144 Bluesbreaker`s Blues Eric Clapton, Steppinout
145 Page 03 2012-12-29Punk Rock Punk Rock Pennywise, Peaceful day
146 Leeroy Rock -
147 gary moore style Blues-Rock -
148 metal disto Metal rythm Metal, /
149 Oh Love-Green Day Pop Rock Green Day, Oh Love
150 It's a kind of Queen Creamy distortion Brian May, One Vision/I Want It All
151 Trovato & Warner country tone Country Alan Warner Steve Trovato, Lookin39 Back/Lick Library
152 SPistolstone Punk Sex Pistols, Pretty Vacant
153 Pink Floyd - Time (1) 70s Rock Pink Floyd, Time
154 AC/DC tone VOX VT20+ Hard Rock -
155 Metallica- One/ enter sandman intro Metal Metallica, One
156 Gold Overdrive Classic Rock -
157 Brian May, Queen Queen Brian May, on the Queen albums
158 pop punk Distortion Pop Punk blink 182, All
159 Like Tool tool -
160 METAL/DEATH METAL/BTBAM PUNCHY Between the buried and me, All
161 AcousticAmp Acoustic -
162 7-string Metal Distortion Metal -
163 Crazy Little Thing Called Love Solo CrunchyBluesyBassy -
164 Rammstein-ish Heavy Drop D -
165 Rearrange Miles Kane Vibrato -
166 The Fratellis – Henrietta Crunchy The Fratellis, Henrietta
167 Gych Rock-Metal -
168 Flange Rock 7039s Rock -
169 Iron Crunch Toni Iommi, Iron Man
170 Angels And Airwaves - The Adventure Space Delay Angels And Airwaves, The Adventure
171 Metal Solo 5 Metal -
172 Metal Solo 4 Metal -
173 Metal Solo 3 Metal Metallica, Fade to Black Solo
174 Metal Tone 5 Metal Metallica, Black
175 Metal Tone 4 Metal Metallica, Justice
176 Distorted Clean Post Rock -
177 Metal Tone 3 Metal Metallica, Justice
178 Metal Tone 2 Metal Metallica, Black
179 Metal Solo 1 Metal Metallica, Fade to Black Solo
180 Kill em All/ Justice Metal -
181 The Cult with delay Rock The Cult, She Sells Sanctuary
182 November Rain ish 1st solo Rock -
183 Slash distortion - Use Your illusion Rock -
184 chilean solo Rock -
185 Hendrix Vintage Hendrix, Little Wing
186 Horror punk horror punk/Punk/m -
187 Metallica suicide Rock/Metal Metallica, suicide and redemption
188 SRV Clean sound Blues Stevie Ray Vaughan, All
189 Paramore / Decode Metal / Heavy Punk Paramore, Decode
190 Deep Wet Pumping Thrash Tone Thrash Overkill, Never Say Never
191 tape echo fun lead -
192 Maps lead yeah yeah yeahs yeah yeah yeahs, maps
193 Britton's Tone fuzz -
194 Nearly Floyd Ethereal Distortio Pink Floyd, On the Run
195 Deep Purple Rock Deep Purple, Smoke on the water
196 Kings of Leon - Pyro (lead) Rock Kings of Leon, Pyro
197 Kings of Leon - Arizona (lead) Rock Kings of Leon, Arizona
198 Kings of Leon - Sex on fire (lead) Rock Kings of Leon, Sex on fire
199 Franz Ferdinand Alternative Rock Franz Ferdinand, Take Me Out
200 My tonr Metal/Dist -
201 ZZ Top Rough boy Rock ZZ Top, Rough Boy
202 Good Lead/Solo/Boost Sound Hard Rock -
203 Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Hard Rock/Metal -
204 Santana - Corazon Espinado Hard Rock -
205 metallica solo emg 60/81 epiphone explorer gt Metal metallica, solo settings
206 metallica emg 60/81 epiphone explorer gt Metal metallica, master of puppets ride the lightning
207 Santana – EUROPA Santana Santana, EUROPA
208 EVH - A Different Kind of Truth - Red Channel Rock Van Halen, She39s the Woman
209 Melodeath Melodic Death Meta Children of Bodom, Relentless Reckless Forever
210 Melodic Metalcore Melodic Metalcore All That Remains/For Today, Fall of Ideals/Portraits
211 Thrash Metal Rhythm Thrash and Groove Metallica/Pantera, Kill Em All/Cowboys From Hell
212 REM – Frequency Rock / Grunge REM, What39s the Frequency Kenneth
213 ...And Justice For All distortion Thrash/Heavy Metallica, And Justice For All
214 Farewell Ballade Rock / Metal Zakk Wylde, Farwelle ballade
215 One Way Out Southern Rock The Allman Bros, One Way Out
216 Breakdown - Tom Petty Classiv Rock Tom Petty, Breakdown
217 Standard Clean Clean with bite -
218 Real Metalcore tone Metalcore -
219 My metal tone like a metallica Metal Metallica, some kind of monster
220 my tune romantic a r rehman, it is for her
221 Texas Bluesy Stevie Rayzee Texas Blues Stevie Ray Vaughn, Pride and Joy Updated
222 SteveVaiForTheLoveOfGod Instrimental rock Steve Vai, For the Love of God
223 CarvinMidgain Hard Rock -
224 White Stripes - Screwdriver (ish) Dirty Crunch The White Stripes, Screwdriver
225 Exodus Thrash Metal Exodus, Pleasures of the Flesh
226 Randy Rhoads (Ozzy Period) Metal Randy Rhoads, Crazy Train
227 Death Magnetic (clean) Thrash/Heavy Metallica, Death Magnetic
228 Death Magnetic (distorted v2) Thrash/Heavy Metallica, Death Magnetic
229 Beatles - and your bird can sing Beatles -
230 Arch Enemy Metal Arch Enemy, Khaos Legion
231 MetalRythm Metal -
232 Judas Preist Heavy Judas Preist, Breaking the Law
233 phenomenal-80's crunch Hard Rock none, none
234 Blue Orchid1 Blues garage punk White stripes, Get behind me satan
235 Decapitated Death Metal Tone Tech Death Metal Decapitated, A Poem About An Old Prison Man
236 Chris Isaak - Wicked game pop/ rock ballad Chris Isaak, Wicked Game
237 Brothers in Arms Pop/Rock Mark Knopfler, Dire Straits
238 Americana Vox AC15 Americana David Grissom, David Grissom
239 Beno Bluesbreaker Blues Eric Clapton, John Mayall Bluesbreakers
240 power tone echo Rock -
241 Hallelujah Rock Blues Jeff BuckHley, Hallelujah
242 metalisha Rock Metalisha, season of the witch
243 Vintage OD Blues -
244 Bloc Party Indie Rock Russel Lissack/ Kele Okereke , Silent alarm
245 Clean (Nashville Tele) Clean Bright -
246 Foo Fighters Tone Rock Foo fighters, All my life
247 Heavy Slow Blues heavy Blues SRV, any
248 Slash tone Appetite Hard Rock Slash, Appetite for Destruction
249 always with joe solo tone Joe satriani, always with me always with you
250 Bluesy Treble Blues -
251 Under the Bridge by klotad Amazing Red Hot Chili Peppers, Under the Bridge
252 always with joe solo tone Joe satriani, always with me always with you
253 Bluesy Treble Blues -
254 Under the Bridge by klotad Amazing Red Hot Chili Peppers, Under the Bridge
255 Slash (Appetite for Destruction - clean) Hard rock Slash, Appetite for Destruction
256 Panama 8039s Metal Van Halen, 1984 /Panama
257 midnight stepps Blues Sunny Day, midnight steps
258 Killer Queen solo Rock Queen, Killer Queen solo
259 Thrash Tone Scooped Thrash Metallica, Master Of Pupets
260 Funy day Rock - Blues -
261 Ain't talkin' 'bout tone High end 8039s gai Van Halen, Ain39t talkin39 39bout love
262 Basic sound of Dire straits !! Rock Dire Straits, Dire Straits The first
263 AC30 starting point! Pop -
264 EVH sound Rock Van Halen, Eruption/Atomic punk
265 Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You 90s rock -
266 Pink Floyd - breath Clasic Rock -
267 slash - godfather theme Metal -
268 Ramones – BarreChords BarreChordPunk Ramones, Ramones
269 Twangy Surf Tone Surf Duane Eddy, Rebel Rouser
270 Metallica's clean Clean Metal Metallica, Sanitarium
271 ACDC - shook me all night long treeble boost AC/DC, shook me all night long
272 true rock Hard Rock -
273 Boston - more than a feeling like Tom Scholz to Boston, more than a feeling
274 Beatles lead tone Rock and Roll The Beatles, cant buy me love
275 Status quo Rock Status Quo, Paper Plane
276 Shadows tone Rock and Roll Shadows, 50 Golden greats
277 psycobilly Garage/Rockabilly the cramps, i was a teenage werewolf
278 the gories - thunderbird esq garage Punk the gories, thunderbird esq
279 Floods Outro/nice echo EchoFading PanterA, Floods Mainly
280 PanterA – Acoustic Soft Pantera parts PanterA, This Love Mainly
281 EarPorn Rock n39 Roll -
282 My favorit clean clean John Mayer, I am gonna find another you
283 Clean Metal Metal -
284 JCM 800 Zakk Lead Rock -
285 BTQ Metal Randy Rhoads Rock -
286 JCM 800 Rhythm Rock AC/DC, Back in Black
287 Clean Comp Chicken Pickin' Clean -
288 Van Halen 1984 Lead Rock Van Halen, Panama
289 Bangers & Mash - Live From the basement Alternative rock Radiohead, Bangers Mash / In Rainbows From The Basement
290 page 17 2012-12-20BRM Octave VOX AC30 U2, No Line on the Horizon
291 Eventide – The beast and the machine Metal EVENTIDE, The Beast and The Machine
292 GENERAL MODERN METAL Metal Heavy Metal -
293 RAMONES – Blitzkrieg bop Punk Rock Ramones, Blitzkrieg Bop
294 IRON MAIDEN – Hallowed de thy name Heavy Metal Iron Maiden, Hallowed Be Thy name
295 sweet chil of mine Hard Rock Guns and Roses, appetite for destruction
296 my lead guitar tone lead Joe Satriani, mystical potato
297 crazy echo psychadelic prog -
298 Acoustic sound for Romeo and Juliet Pop/Rock Dire Straits, Romeo and Juliet from Money for Nothing
299 U2 - Bad-Pride Delay AC30 U2, BadPride
300 Guitar Solo Musicom Guitar Hero -
301 John Mayer Wah WAH John Mayer, I Dont Trust Myself - Where the Light is Live in Los Angeles
302 Avenged Sevenfold Afterlife+Trashed and scattered Metal Avenged Sevonfold, City of evil Avenged sevonfold
303 Testing tone Testie -
304 Gilmore – ish Lead Rock Pink Floyd,David Gilmore, Comfortably Numb
305 tone to avoid the hiss sound just for testing -
306 Clear and Crunchy Crunch Matt Mays and Springsteen, City of Lakes/Radio Nowhere
307 Metaltone/True Metal Hammerfall, Let the hammer fall
308 Yorkish Rock -
309 What's that? Any -
310 Shredda Shred -
311 B. May Rock Queen, 7 Seas of Rhye
312 Led Boots Rock/Fusion Jeff Beck, Led Boots / Wired
313 Peace Frog Rock The Doors, Peace Frog
314 Moonage Daydream Glam Rock David Bowie/Mick Ronson, Moonage Daydream
315 Rocks Off Classic Rock The Rolling Stones, Rocks Off / Exile on Main Street
316 Bridge of Sighs Classic Rock Robin Trower, Bridge of Sighs
317 Whipping post Blues/Rock The Allman Brothers, Whipping Post/The Allman Brothers Band
318 Walshy Classic Rock Joe Walsh/James Gang, Asshtonpark
319 Headbanger's Delight Metal -
320 60's USA Surf -
321 Face Melter Rock -
322 Funktopus Funk -